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Why is this journo so wobbly?

So I was basically living the life; winter in the mountains and summer on the beach. Not a single worry in life!

Then in November 2010, I managed to fall 26ft through a roof in Camden, London.

Six weeks in a coma and when I woke up I couldn't walk, talk or do anything really!

I spent about seven months in hospital, doing loads of Physio, Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy.

I was back on my skis a year and a day after the accident and skiing is still easier than walking (pretty cool!)

Before the bang on the head I was qualified to teach windsurfing, sailing and skiing. Because my balance/walking isn't good enough to go back to teaching, I decided to retrain as a sports journalist. 

Since I graduated, in summer 2018, I have written for, Fall-Line, Downdays, Armada Skis and many more! From home in Chamonix, I have travelled to Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. I have reported on events like the Freeride World Tour and Audi Nines and interviewed the very best free skiers in the world.


Literally falling into journalism...

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